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Frequently Asked Questions

We all have questions and these are our most frequently asked.


If you can't find your question or answer here please don't hesitate to contact us we are always happy to offer support and advice and answer any questions you have.

I really want to be involved but don't have a horse?

There is lots you can do without a horse or pony, often members are looking for backsteppers or grooms (worth their weight in gold!). We are also always looking for help building courses and stewards and it's a great way to learn more about the sport. 

It's my first time at an event! 

Don't panic, we all have our first time, the main thing is that you (and your pony enjoy it!).

Get in touch and we can buddy you up with a member so your not alone, we are always happy to offer support and advice


The best way to start is to come along to a training day or bringing your pony along in hand so you can both get used to the atmosphere.  

I don't have anyone to come with me to groom or be a backstepper?

Some members are willing to backstep and groom for others or you can ask for help on the BC Grooms and helpers FB page.

I don't understand driving trials

That's ok, we all start somewhere and a great place is to look at our Driving Trials page. Then if you want to learn more get in touch and come along to one of our events.

What do I need to take part in an event?

There a few things you need to take part.


A 2 or 4 wheeler for a single horse or pony ideally with axle width 125cm, however you can still get involved if the width isn't correct (not sure how to measure this - contact us for advice).


Most people start novice horses in a 2 wheeler, however 4 wheelers are more stable and comfortable so we recommend this once you are going.


People with small ponies may stay in a 2 wheeler as they are lighter.

Third party liability insurance

A safety hat (up to current standards)

A body (not back) protector for obstacles/marathon (whilst recommended for country/fun drives this is not mandatory)

A driving whip

Transport for your horse and carriage (not sure how, come along to an event and see the different set ups).

What type of harness do I need?

Most people use synthetic breast collar harness.


As long as your harness is safe and fitted correctly that will be ok.


If you are not sure please contact us and we can help you.


At your first competition we will do a safety check to ensure you are safely set up to drive and compete.

Can I bring my dog with me?

Well behaved and on always on lead, under full control dogs are welcome, but please note you must have someone to look after them whilst you are taking part.

Some event days can get quite hot, never leave a dog in a hot vehicle (you may also want to provide some shade for them whilst you are driving/competing)

Do I need accommodation?

All of our events (other than weekend Camp) are one day events so no accommodation is needed unless attending camp. 

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