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Is not all about them, it is also about you!

You are responsible!

The new Club Safety Policy says: 

“The Club expects all its members to; show consideration for matters of safety, relating to both themselves and others at all Club events; and to comply with all reasonable requests, relating to safety, from Event Organisers.” 

This means you need to be aware of the safety of your turnout – the fit and soundness of the harness and cart – check stitching, nuts and bolts, quality of welded joints on the cart etc. etc.

If you have a problem it compromises not only your safety, but that of everyone else at the event.

Make sure everyone in your party is aware of the dangers not only from your turnout but from everyone else as well.

Don’t have small children in dangerous places and definitely not strapped into carts.

Ensure your groom is competent to deal with a crisis.  Be aware this could come from anywhere - a runaway horse and cart is a very dangerous thing and can cause a lot of damage.  Be alert.

A groom is a vital part of your turnout with the responsibility to balance the cart, adjust harness where appropriate, and cope with an upset or frightened horse.  This means that your groom needs to be someone who is able, capable and strong/fit enough to comply with the rules.

Be aware when passing a horse/pony being put to or taken out of a cart – check that it is ok for you to do so and only do so at a walk – be prepared to stop and wait.

If you are a steward, be aware of where horses may come from.  If you know you have difficulty moving quickly, make allowances.  Be safe!  Park your car where it will not be in the way.

If you have a dog keep it on a lead, and check whether there are any restrictions on taking dogs where the event is taking place.

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